• Includes training on our own developed equipment, designed specifically for post-stroke rehabilitation
  • Cost: one week  4900 
  • Cost: two weeks 9800

Intensive Post Stroke Training: the Netherlands

    • On request 
    • The price includes a 100% refund if you cancel 

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We suggest you stay here (15 min. from our clinic). The stay is not included, but if you don't rent a car, there will be transportation to drive you to the clinic and back, every day.

We will do everything in our power to get you:


  1. Walk again, if you can walk: walk better.
  2. Use your affected arm again 
  3. Loose your spasticity 
  4. Get more balance
  5. Help with you with your speech 
  6. Help you with your tiredness 
  7. Help you with: finding your purpose again

Regardless of what you have tried so far (most of our clients already did regular rehab and are 1-10 years post stroke)! Our training programs are developed by stroke survivors for stroke survivors and backed up by the latest science and clinical evidence. Best thing we develop and produce our own training equipment which ensures faster results!