Sweden (10 nights)

Stockholm archipelago

Do you want to train on some of our new machines in Stockholm ?
24 June -04 July 2024 we going to have a 10-night stay and intensive post stroke training in the beautiful archipelago of Stockholm! You will train among other on our effective new machines (designed for stroke survivors) and with our patented training protocols. It is all inclusive, with breakfast, lunch and dinner. You stay at https://www.djuronaset.com/
You get:
- 5-6 hours of training each day
-Breakfast, lunch and dinner (for 1 person, if you bring your partner they have to pay extra for food)
-Double room (partner included) 
-Price: 9950 euros if you decide and pay in March 2024.
(because we have to pay in advance to this hotel & spa for all clients, food, training rooms).

Interested? App/text to following mobile-number +31-625522222 to schedule a free Face Time call with Arjan & Linda. You can also send an e-mail: [email protected]

Go to Trustpilot and see the verified reviews.

We will do everything in our power to get you:


  1. Walk again, if you can walk: walk better.
  2. Use your affected arm again 
  3. Loose your spasticity 
  4. Get more balance
  5. Help with you with your speech 
  6. Help you with your tiredness 
  7. Help you with: finding your purpose again

How to reserve a spot for the intensive training program?


  1. Send an email to: [email protected] - or - send a message to the following number +31 625522222 and ask for a free zoom call with us.
  2. We have a free zoom call with you 
  3. If we think you are suitable to join and you decide to come on specific available dates (and country), our assistants will send you an offer. 
  4. You pay 1/4 within a week of booking to reserve the spot ( 100% refund with cancellation is always included) and the rest, in installments before you come to the training.



  1. Places are going fast, make sure you reserve your seat in time.
  2. The price is 4700 euros which covers 6 days of highly individualized intensive training and stimulation with us: 5-6 hours a day with our physical therapists, Arjan, and me. All training is one on one. There is always a small group of other stroke survivors who train at the same time at our clinic and you can see and talk to each other. Also, there is at all times a place for partners and family.
  3. The price also includes testing  (QEEG, posturography balance, eye functionality, functional neuro-orthopedic examination ....) Cold laser treatment, vibration therapy, hyperbaric oxygen, etc. Evaluation, and at the end we send you home with a home program tailored to your situation.
  4. Also, we host a dinner at our house.
  5. In 2024 we will have some of our stroke fitness tools/inventions ready to use! 


What is not included is a place to stay and food. We have several options for this in all price ranges (prices from 80 euros/night and up). You will be picked up at your location.

Most clients come for 2 weeks.